Straumann implants

What is an implant?

A dental implant is a little cylinder that is placed into your jaw to replace a missing tooth root. The bone around the implant cleaves to the implant’s surface after it is placed, and creates an artificial root that will be the base for a crown, multiple teeth bridge or a complete dental prosthesis. Its connection with the jawbone is very stable and enables implants to work as healthy natural teeth.

The use of Straumann exclusive technological innovations, which have been widely probed, can subsequently improve the treatment results, as well as the implant’s reliability and comfort.

  • Straumann’s surface improves the implant’s integration into the jawbone and increases the outlook on the treatment results, favoring an earlier final restoration.
  • The material used in Straumann implants allows for less invasive and thus more comfortable treatments.

Materials and surfaces of Straumann implants

El titanium (commercially pure) is a biocompatible and non-toxic metal, that the human body tolerates well. Among its numerous medical uses, titanium is widely used in surgical implants, where high resistance and low weight are desirable.

One of its most import medical uses precisely lies in implants. Titanium-made implants have proved a very good integration into living bone, and they can last decades.

Roxolid®2 is a revolutionary material that has been specially designed by Straumann to be used in dental implantology. It is a titanium zirconium alloy that is stronger than pure titanium and has excellent osteointegration properties, a unique combination within the market of dental implants.

Our system is backed up by science, can others state the same?

Some implantological systems are available at a reduced price. However, do these companies invest in investigation and development, and in thorough tests of materials? Most of them do not, and their commercialization authorizations are often based on clinical and scientific data created by third parties. For its part, Straumann yearly invests an important sum of money in real investigation and development of products. Straumann also supports researchers worldwide, so that they contribute with independent scientific studies and projects.

No shortcuts

When it comes to the reliability and security of our implantological solutions, we apply Straumann’s quality standards and scientific integrity. Our products have been thoroughly tested and validated in clinical and preclinical studies. We are an ethical company and we take responsibility for offering dentists and their patients good products that have the back-up of scientific tests, in order to obtain secure and predictable therapeutic results.

Long-term clinical documentation: a high success rate

Straumann is one of few implant companies with long-term clinical documentation (over 10 years) of successful products that have been on the market for decades. We have been committed to dental implantology research for over 30 years, offering more than 700 published clinical and scientific studies concerning Straumann® Dental Implant System1. These studies, which have been carried out with over 450 patients during over 10 years, have demonstrated that 97% of these implants are still functional after more than 10 years2.

An excellent service

Exceptional service and assistance, that include the Straumann® guarantee

Benefit from the Straumann®1 guarantee that we offer:

  • Lifetime guarantee for implants
  • Ten-year guarantee for metal restorations
  • Five-year guarantee for ceramic restorations