Neurofocal dentistry

Neurofocal dentistry is the odontology specialty that recognizes, diagnoses and treats dental and buccal illnesses that are caused by interrelations between the stomatognathic system and the rest of the body, at physical, biochemical, emotional, social and energy levels.

We use as much as possible biological treatments, trying to avoid toxic, allergenic and/or contaminant substances.

Mouth-Body Relations

  • Through the nervous system
  • Through the extracellular matrix
  • Energy relations (through the acupuncture meridians)
  • Osteopathic-positioning relation

What does a neurofocal dentist do?

  • Clinical diagnosis
  • Diagnosis of fields of interference
  • Materials and medication testing
  • Clinical odontologic treatment, together with:
    - Detoxification, diet...
    - Neural therapy

Fields of interference

Fields of interference are ‘noxae’ (noxious input), inflammation, bacteria, scars, stress, emotions, etc. that OVERLOAD our regularization system, weaken it and disrupt our body saving system.

Within the mouth

  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Extraction scars
  • Endodontic treatments
  • Metals or cytotoxic material
  • Implants
  • Infections
  • Malpositioned teeth

What is neural therapy?

  • Neural therapy treatments are related to the vegetative nervous system (VNS), which can mostly be found in our skin.
  • The nervous system integrates our body organs and tissues.
  • It is an information net that reaches all our cells through the extracellular matrix, also known as basic substance.
  • This makes that any irritation that modifies the properties and functions of part of the system, will affect it as a whole.
  • Neural therapy tries to neutralize irritations that unleash or catalyze an illness, and affect our neurovegetative tone.
    The neutralization is achieved by applying small amounts of local anesthetic (procaine) in those places where the VNS has suffered an injury or damage.
  • We aim at reactivating the regularization mechanisms, so that the body itself can produce self-healing reactions, which will then develop their activity and will lead to a new order by means of its own life force.


  • Through odontologic practices we can reach ALL parts of our being, and therefore need to be carried out with RESPECT AND LOVE.

Patients are no longer only observers of everything that happens with their teeth and/or gums.

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