• Implants


    The best implant is the tooth root itself. It is important to try keeping as many dental pieces as possible,…


  • Orthodontics


    Orthodontics is a specialty within dentistry that deals with the correction of malpositioned teeth and jaws. Malpositioned teeth and teeth…


  • Neurofocal dentistry

    Neurofocal dentistry

    Neurofocal dentistry is the odontology specialty that recognizes, diagnoses and treats dental and buccal illnesses that are caused by interrelations…


  • Dental esthetic

    Dental esthetic

    Over a decade of research has proofed that teeth bleaching, either by peroxides or by other methods, is a secure…


  • Replacing dental pieces

    Replacing dental pieces

    Replacing lost dental pieces can be done with two kinds of prostheses: Fixed prostheses Fixed prostheses cannot be removed by…


  • Prostheses


    In recent years there has been a great advance in dentistry. Thanks to this, nowadays it is possible to keep…


  • Conscious sedation

    Conscious sedation

    Conscious sedation is an anesthetic technique that allows for reducing patient’s anxiety or fear, taking them into a pleasant state…


  • Endodontic therapy

    Endodontic therapy

    A possibility before removal People’s fear of endodontic therapy (“killing” nerve tissue) is disproportionately larger than the fear of other…


  • Conservative dentistry

    Conservative dentistry

    Conservative dentistry aims for treating mouth issues avoiding removal of damaged teeth. This technique is used to restore zones damaged…


  • Periodontal disease

    Periodontal disease

    Periodontal disease progressively affects tissues that support your teeth, starting from superficial tissues (gums) and going into deep tissues (bone).…


  • Invisalign


    What is Invisalign? A smile can change everything Your self-confidence, your appearance, your life. Thanks to Invisalign, having the smile…